Series Overview

Sherlock Holmes needs no introduction from me. He is surely one of the most recognisable fictional characters throughout the world, in any language, and certainly the most well-known fictional detective.

He’s certainly one of the most popular subjects of continuation novels and stories, too. Why, then, would I feel the world needs even more pastiches?

Conan Doyle’s creation has had a profound and lasting influence on my life, ever since I consumed the original canon at the age of 13. Something about Holmes captured my imagination then, and still holds my attention now. The character and his world have influenced my own writing in many, many ways.

Holmes has become an archetype, part of the lexicon of the English language, as powerful and redolent a British myth as those ancient tales of King Arthur. Given half a chance, why wouldn’t I wish to tell more stories about him, one of the greatest literary heroes of all time?

These two novels, then, The Will of the Dead and The Spirit Box, are my homage to Doyle and his creation. He’s a character I see myself returning to again, too, in time.

The game, as Doyle writes in ‘The Adventure of the Abbey Grange’, is afoot!

Latest Book in Series

The Spirit Box

German zeppelins rain down death and destruction on London, and Dr. Watson is grieving for his nephew, killed on the fields of France. Following a series of bizarre suicides, Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement, but can he solve the mystery of the Spirit Box?

Books in the Series