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Death stalks London and the newspapers proclaim that a mummy’s curse has been unleashed. Sir Maurice Newbury, gentleman investigator for the crown, is drawn into a web of occult intrigue as he attempts to solve the murders. And he soon finds himself on the trail of a rogue agent – a man who died to be reborn as a living weapon.

Meanwhile, Newbury’s able assistant, Miss Veronica Hobbes, has her own mystery to unravel. Young women are going missing from a magician’s theatre show. But what appears to be a straightforward investigation puts Miss Hobbes in mortal danger.

Can Newbury save his assistant, solve the riddle of the mummy’s curse, capture the deadly man-machine and stop the terrifying Osiris Ritual from reaching its infernal culmination?

Book Two in the Newbury & Hobbes series.


The Osiris Ritual is the second book in the Newbury and Hobbes series, and it’s during the writing of this novel that I started to realise just how many stories I wanted to tell about Newbury and Veronica. The seeds for many of them are planted here, such as the hints of things afoot in St Petersburg; the appearance of Aubrey Knox, Newbury’s predecessor and rogue agent (who may, or may not, be making a reappearance at some point…); Veronica’s real role in the stories; the truth about Amelia. Some of those things have already come to fruition – other’s are yet to be explained…


“Fluid and engaging…[Mann] paints his characters in vivid, unforgettable strokes, especially the more ominous ones.”
Los Angeles Times
“Another fast-paced yarn…George Mann is very likely on to something special here…The story lines are decadent, and…[leave] the reader wanting more.”
North County Times