It’s high time I told you a little about the Eighth Doctor comic series I’ve been writing for Titan Comics recently!

Issue #4 is due to hit sales stands soon, and I hope lots of you are reading along. We’re getting a host of lovely letters coming in from people all over the world, telling us how much they’re enjoying it.

I’m having a great deal of fun working with the wonderful Emma Vieceli on art, and Hi-Fi on colours, revisiting one of my favourite incarnations of the Doctor. If you’re not reading along yet, the trade edition is going to be out in a few months, collecting all five issues of the mini series.

For those not already in the know, this is the Eighth Doctor towards the end of his life, while he’s still trying to avoid everything that’s going on with the Time war, and before he’s quite so beaten up and battered as we saw on screen in ‘Night of the Doctor’. He’s joined by a new companion, Josie, and each issue takes him on a new adventure, from a modern Welsh village, to a far future alien world, to Victorian Edinburgh, through 1930’s England, and then deep into space. We really wanted to give people the sense they were getting a ‘missing’ series of the modern TV show. Hopefully we’re pulling it off!

Here are a couple more of the wonderful covers we’ve had so far:


Check it out at your local comic store if you haven’t already! Here’s how to find it: