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As it had been foretold, the armies of the Universe gathered at Trenzalore. Only one thing stood between the planet and destruction – the Doctor. For nine hundred years, he defended the planet, and the tiny town of Christmas, against the forces that would destroy it.

Some of what happened during those terrible years is well documented. But most of it has remained shrouded in mystery and darkness. Until now.

This is a glimpse of just some of the terrors the people faced, the monstrous threats the Doctor defeated. These are the tales of the monsters who found themselves afraid – and of the one man who was not.

Also available as an unabridged audiobook read by David Troughton.


Tales of Trenzalore contains my short story, ‘An Apple a Day’.

I wrote this one over the Christmas and New Year period 2013/14, a matter of days after the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration episode, ‘Time of the Doctor’, had aired. It was a great experience to be able to write a Christmassy Doctor Who story at that time of year, and to expand a little on the Doctor’s time on Trenzalore. And I got to bring back the Krynoids! ‘The Seeds of Doom’ has always been one of my favourite classic Doctor Who stories, so it was a real pleasure to have them face off against the Eleventh Doctor here.


“A well-contained yarn with plenty of heart, this for us is the strongest tale of the bunch, and we loved the Doctor’s acknowledgement of Handles the Cyberhead being like a latter day K-9.”
“Within the limits of the short story form, the four Tales authors each do a splendid job of expanding the myth of the Fall of the Eleventh.”
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