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The Doctor. A curious madman with a blue box, who goes galavanting through time and space, searching out adventures, righting wrongs, standing up for the underdogs and tearing down oppressors.

The Doctor is pretty much my hero. I think that’s true of a lot of people who felt like I did as a child, a little bit of an outsider, with different preoccupations than the other kids. While my peers were out getting into mischief, I was usually hidden away somewhere with a book, dreaming about adventures. And the Doctor – well, the Doctor seemed to represent everything that was right with the world, everything I wanted to be and do. The Doctor was a role model, and a little bit scary at the same time.

Doctor Who was a trigger for my imagination. It gave me a glimpse of other worlds, and let me know that there were other people out there who felt the same way that I did, whose heads were filled with the same mad nonsense as mine.

As a child, as a teenager, if someone had told me that I’d one day be crafting new adventures for the Doctor and his companions – that I’d actually find myself in control of the TARDIS, and where it was going to land next – I certainly wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

And then it happened. It all came true. I was given the opportunity to go on some of those adventures with the Doctor, and it’s every bit as life changing and exciting and terrifying as I’d hoped it would be.

I guess if there’s one thing that Doctor Who taught me, it’s this: dream the impossible. Wish really hard for the stars. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Latest Book in Series

A Matter of Life and Death

Eerie Victorian magic shows, living paintings, mysterious lost books, crystalline life-forms, space-barges crammed with the undead... Embrace all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Eighth Doctor in this new series starring the most-requested past incarnation! Collects the complete Eighth Doctor Mini-Series.

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